Café Pista: The Rosemont Revival Part III.

If you have been following our most recent adventures, you may have noticed that we have grown quite fond of the Rosemont La-Petite-Patrie area. In fact, after our authentic Portuguese experience at Cafe Chiado 28, followed by our random yet memorable discovery of Caffelini, it had become quite apparent to us that Rosemont’s coffee scene was bursting at the seams. Within just a few city blocks was an untapped wealth of cafes waiting for us to discover. In an effort to milk this neighborhood one last time, we headed over to Café Pista, a trendy cafe with a warm atmosphere. 

Pista is located at 500 East Beaubien Street, in Montreal. Beaubien kind of reminds of the Las Vegas Strip, but instead of resort hotels and casinos, you can wander into some of the best cafes in the city. Sure, there are no loud noises, flashy lights or cocktails, but freshly roasted coffee can be smelled on every street corner, which is enough to turn any caffeine addict’s sensory system upside down (we haven’t been able to leave ever since).

When first walking through the front door, our eyes we’re immediately drawn to the black Slayer espresso machine, which has been custom painted with Pista’s logo. The espresso machine clearly stood out from the rest of the cafe’s simple and minimal decor. Accent pieces such as wood paneling, leather banquettes and vintage advertisements gave us the impression that we were sitting in an updated version of a 1960s ice cream parlour. The use of pastel colors also reinforced the cafe’s retro vibe. At the back of the room was a coffee bicycle cart, which Pista has dubbed “Café Vélo”. Set on a unique tripod structure, Café Vélo requires its barista to pedal in order to grind freshly roasted coffee grains. By combining their passion for coffee and cycling, Pista’s mission is to offer eco-friendly coffee at a variety of events.

Pista employs the farm to table method and serves an assortment of third wave coffees including Kittel, Zab, Pilot and Transcend. While the coffee beans may come from different sources, one thing these brands have in common is that they are all roasted in Canada; Kittle and Zab being from Montreal, Pilot being from Toronto and Transcend being from Edmonton. A different coffee is served each day giving Pista’s regular customers some variety. This is especially interesting for the coffee connoisseur who is able to pick up on the subtleties in flavour. They also offer a concise brunch menu from 10 AM to 3 PM, as well as a handful of baked goods. Along with our usual latte-cappuccino order, we tried a cinnamon bun and a southwest scone served with sour cream. Both were delicious and we especially argued over who would get the last bite of the scone. Our coffees were prepared using “microfoam”, a method by which milk is steamed using a steam wand or espresso machine giving the upper layer of foam a silky and beady texture. This type of milk is particularly used to give espresso-based coffee drinks some visual appeal; a technique also known as latte art. The coffee of the day was Kittel, which presented a fruity, almost chocolate-like aftertaste. It went very well with our food choices and we we’re quite impressed overall.

We left that day feeling like Christopher Columbus. We had travelled long and far (a total of 8 minutes) and had discovered a land where the coffee was plentiful. Where would our adventures take us next? Who knows? There was so much more to see in this wonderful neighborhood they call Rosemont La-Petite-Patrie. As we are now in the peak of summer, we encourage you to take advantage of the beautiful weather to do some exploring of your own. Before we know it, summer will be over and as John Snow so famously put it, “WINTER IS COMING.”


Bromantically yours,

David & Joey


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