Le Butterblume: Coffee and Convertibles.

We were frustrated but we remained hopeful. David had just received a bright red Fiat 124 spider on allowance from work and we were dying to take it for a spin with the top down. However, yet again it was a cloudy Saturday morning and the likelihood of us getting to drive it while feeling the breeze in our hair was quickly diminishing. Nevertheless we got into David’s new car and drove down to Le Butterblume in the Mile-End.

Having covered the Mile-End area in some of our previous articles, we won’t bore you with endless statistics or demographical anecdotes about what makes this part of Montreal unique. What we will say is that we never expected a concept like Butterblume to open up exactly where it is. Located right before the underpass that separates Rosemont from the Mile-End; it is an interesting area which always seemed a bit neglected and remote from the more chic and popular streets like Bernard, St-Viateur and Fairmount. However, we definitely feel like this is one of the things that makes Butterblume so appealing.

Stepping into the cafe the first thing you will notice is a counter where several chefs are preparing brunch to be served to anxiously awaiting customers. The rectangular room stretches out into a small opened terrace and tables are scattered throughout. The decor is industrial minimalism at its best. The crowd is a mix of families, individuals and small groups. The ambiance is laid-back, casual and very relaxing.

We ordered our usual latte-cappuccino along with a fleur de sel and chocolate pistachio cookie. Browsing through the menu we noticed some delicious looking brunch options that we normally would have considered ordering; however last night’s Chinese food binge prevented us from being gluttonous that morning. Butterblume serves a lightly roasted coffee blend with a slightly fruity after taste. The fleur de sel cookie was sweet at first with hints of sea salt kicking in after a few bites. We will definitely be back for brunch (next time no Chinese food the night before).

Butterblume is a welcome addition to a neighbourhood not lacking in options. It has quickly made a name for itself by offering a unique spin on the cafe-brunch idea and reinvigorated an area which needed some TLC. We left that morning feeling fully caffeinated and well-fed. As we stepped out onto the street, the sun began to shine brightly. We excitedly jumped into the car and put the top down. This was too good to be true. David quickly started the car, as Joey prepared the music. This occasion called for a special type of music…the best type of music: 90s Euro Dance. We slowly made our way down St-Laurent Boulevard, while people stopped and stared. We didn’t see what the big deal was; we were just two bros in a bright red convertible. David shifted into fifth gear and the 1.4 liter turbo charged engine roared loudly. Was this all a dream? No. This was bromance and we were living the dream.


Bromantically yours,

David & Joey


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