Noble Café: The Plateau’s coffee pit stop par excellence.

If you are on Instagram as often as we are you may have come across pictures of a quaint coffee shop located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal. Measuring no more than a few hundred square feet, what this small neighborhood cafe lacks in size is quickly made up by its strong sense of community. Its customers are comprised of people of all ages, ranging from older couples to young families to university students. They are often depicted sitting on the outdoor terrace sipping their cold brew coffees under bright sunny skies. Everyone seems so happy, even the dogs! We couldn’t quite put our finger on what made this place so special. Could it be the coffee? Maybe it’s the desserts… we thought to ourselves. Whatever it was, we needed to find out so we headed over to Noble Café to investigate.

The Plateau is infamous for its cheap eats, trendy bars, and impossible parking. In the early 2000s, the once predominantly Portuguese neighborhood experienced a sort of urban revolution as a new wave of restaurants, bars, and night clubs began to set up shop in the area. If you are in your late twenties to mid-thirties, you may remember having frequented one of the many popular night clubs on St-Laurent Boulevard; such as Buona Notte, Med or GoGo Lounge. Late nights on the rooftop terrace at B-Side come to mind…oh the memories. Things have changed since then and while there are still some remnants of yesterday’s night life, today’s youth has moved on to bigger and better things. What remains in the Plateau is a plethora of restaurants and new-age coffee shops. Noble is a new addition to the area having recently celebrated its second year in business.

As we made our way through the Plateau’s cones, road signs, and construction barriers, we finally spotted Noble and immediately liked what we saw. Located just across the street from Laurier Metro station it is the ideal spot for both locals and visitors to pick up their coffee before heading out on their commute. The interior space is made up of a barista work station and a small pick up counter where clients can place their order. During the summer months, the extended sidewalks and outdoor terrace help give Noble a neighborhood vibe.

Our order consisted of a latte, a cortado, a pistachio croissant and a zucchini muffin. Noble serves Kittel and Phil and Sebastian coffees, in espresso, filter, and cold brew form. We also noticed they sell a locally roasted coffee blend called Zab. The flavour of both our latte and our cortado was quite smooth and well balanced. We would suggest Noble’s blend as an afternoon coffee because of its restrained intensity. Their baked goods are from an artisanal bakery named Arhoma. The zucchini muffin was light, fluffy and went perfectly with our coffee. However, the pistachio croissant was the star of the show. The pastry dough was flaky and the filling was delicious…you had us at pistachio. Noble also serves an interesting spin on the classic affogato. It consists of cold coffee poured over a cup of soft serve ice cream: a creation which they have dubbed the coldbrew floater. We will definitely be giving it a try next time we visit!

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles where we will be reviewing more pit stop themed cafes. Many of us enjoy sipping our coffee while working on our laptop or reading a book, whereas some of us would rather take it to go or drink it quickly before getting on with our day. Noble is a convenient location to pick up a coffee in Montreal’s bustling city epicenter. While we probably won’t be coming back to dance the night away, rest assured that coffee is the reason the Plateau will remain on our radar.


Bromantically yours,

David and Joey



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