Cafe Ferlucci : The next generation of Italian coffee.

“It’s moments like this where I wish I had a pancake lens.”, Joey said.

“If you don’t hurry up you’re going to look like a pancake. I can see a car coming.”, David replied.

We were back in Villeray and Joey was sitting in the middle of the street, trying take a picture of Paroisse Saint-Cecile, while David nervously watched for oncoming traffic.

Joey: “Ok, got it!”

David: “Was it really worth almost dying over a picture?”

Joey: “Bro, have a little faith.”

David: “Can we go get coffee now? I’m dying here.”

David was right. It was almost 11AM and we hadn’t had our caffeine fix yet. There was just something about this neighborhood that grabbed our attention. Between its vibrant art murals, tucked-away alleys and quaint shops; Villeray is much like a small village within a big city. We slowly made our way down De Castelneau Street, until we reached Cafe Ferlucci, a small neighborhood cafe with a growing reputation.      

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Cafe Dei Campi: lait de vache, d’amande ou de soya?

Have you ever walked into a cafe and said to yourself: there’s something in the air, the vibe, the food, and the people? That’s what the dynamic duo felt this past Saturday on a blisteringly cold morning. Whenever it gets cold like this we think of when our grandparents emigrated from Southern Italy, and if only they could have sold that extra cow to pay for a boat ticket to Australia; life could have been very different…

Anyhow back to our Canadian reality… Dei Campi translates into Deschamps, which is the last name of the extremely talented pastry chef, wife and co-owner behind this Rosemont gem. Together with her charming husband Nick, Isabelle cranks out some seriously decadent vegan desserts. Have we converted to veganism? Time to find out:

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