We didn’t choose the cafe life, the cafe life chose us.

It might be a combination of factors which led us to the creation of this blog. Aside from our passion for coffee, there is a certain familiarity that we enjoy every time we set foot into a cafe. Our first memories in cafes were forged in our youth with our fathers and grandfathers, both in Italy and in Montreal. In many European countries, stopping by your local cafe for a quick espresso or cappuccino is part of a daily routine. The whole European experience is quite different from the fast-food Americanized coffee chains we’re familiar with in North America. Cafes are meant for social gatherings; a quick pit stop before starting your day, a place to discuss sports, politics or anything else for that matter. After a while, the barista becomes your go-to guy, an underpaid psychologist of sorts.

Seeing how our beloved Montreal has a very European flair to it, it’s no surprise that the cafe scene has recently exploded. The consumer has started to move away from larger franchises in favor of smaller local players. This in turn, has helped small businesses flourish and has opened the door to many young entrepreneurs whom are truly passionate about the coffee lifestyle. Just take a quick stroll in neighborhoods such as Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Villeray or the Mile-End and you will be amazed at how many trendy cafes there are; each of which offer great coffee and a unique customer experience. The possibilities are many. We are living in exciting times!

Having met over 16 years ago, our friendship has been maintained at the cafe. Many years have passed but our bromance has kept strong – You may be asking yourself what we mean by bromance? Allow us to explain:  Each Saturday morning we meet at a cafe to catch up and discuss work, cars, sports, politics, relationships and the usual guy stuff. Sometimes, when the weather permits, we grab take-away coffee and continue our discussion over a long “bromantic walk”. We like to visit our usual staple spots but we also enjoy discovering new cafes in different areas of the city. This gives us a chance to try something new, all the while uncovering Montreal’s hidden coffee gems. Essentially bromance has become a weekly ritual that we cannot do without. No matter how busy life gets, we always make time for it. – Anyhow, in doing so, we realized that we were not alone. In fact, many men like us, have found refuge in cafes in order to socialize and maybe even escape their household chores. Thus, Caffe Bromance was born: a blog where we will share our Saturday morning adventures, review different cafes and discuss our passion for coffee. We both look forward to discovering Montreal’s diverse coffee culture and sharing it with you!


Bromantically yours,

David & Joey

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  1. I agree with your assessment regarding the small Caffè’s in Montreal. Actually they bring about the feeling of being in a small town Caffè in Italy. The coffee and the experience is so much more fulfilling than going to Tim Horton or Starbuck’s which are over rated in my opinion.

    As a matter of fact, I find franchises are taking political views to attract clientele (ex: Starbuck CEO recently publicly stated that he would hire 10,000 refugees in the US). Coffee shops should not discuss politics publicly, it is the clients who should have that privilege. In Euro style caffe’s, you always get clients talking about politics! But the establishment should be neutral and concentrate in serving the best cup of coffee they can muster up! Good job guys. Looking forward to reading another article from you both!

    1. Thank you Ralph! We agree that the experience in a smaller cafe is much more fulfilling. It is a great place to network, discuss and most importantly enjoy good coffee! We look forward to more of your comments.

  2. I also agree with your assessment. Perhaps you should consider opening up a cafe together and calling it “Bromance Caffe”? I would definitely purchase my coffee there regularly 😉

  3. Loving this concept! Taking a popular product and combining it with personal, heartfelt “Bromance” experiences is genius. Coffee itself is definitely something Montrealers can relate to – however, truly embracing the experience of a good cup of java with a friend is something we can do more of. I see this blog inspiring people to do exactly that.

    Looking forward to your future posts!

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